Take Advantage of Your Cash Dispenser to Augment Marketing Initiatives.

For many cardholders, the ATM is the most frequently-accessed customer-facing touch point. Such frequent and direct contact gives you an unprecedented opportunity to deliver messages to the right person at the right time.

As a transaction processor with over 40 years of experience, TransFund has the expertise you need in the types of content that will be most effective to your institution, as well as the best  delivery channel.

Types of Content

Just like direct mail, in-branch displays and advertising, your ATM messaging is another avenue for extending your overall marketing campaigns.  Your ATMs are well suited for reinforcing your sales initiatives, augmenting current promotions and marketing other products and services.

Three Opportunities to Deliver Messages to ATM Cardholders

Welcome Screen – The welcome screen is when a first impression is delivered and provides you with a chance to promote other products and services.

Please Wait Screen – When cardholders wait to see if more choices need to be made or if the transaction will proceed, you have the opportunity to engage cardholders while they wait.

Thank You Screen – The thank you screen gives you an opportunity to make your cardholders feel good about choosing your Financial Institution and perhaps motivate them to enter the branch for more information.