We’re committed to evolving with emerging technologies to make payment processing more secure, convenient and compliant for all businesses. No business is the same – that’s why our wide variety of products and services are nimble, offering solutions that meet any kind of need for both small and large businesses.

Business Invoicing

Business invoicing that offers performance, security, and efficiency– all on one platform.

Transfund's business invoicing solution lets you efficiently manage invoicing from purchase orders to payment notifications. Simply integrate a simple URL onto your website and accept eChecks, credit, or debit card transactions electronically. Save time, money, and cut down on costly paper invoicing.

Transfund's Business Invoicing offers an easier way to pay that’ll bring greater value and customer experience.

TransFund offers modules you can customize including:

  • Electronic invoicing - create invoices with ease
  • Flexible payment options - accept eChecks, credit or debit cards, or make virtual terminal transaction
  • Transaction reporting - view deposit and balances anytime
  • Seamless integration - platform is easily integrated and customized with your brand
Loan Payments

Accept and process loan payments easily and conveniently.

Payeezy, Transfund's loan payment solution, lets your financial institution add loan payment options to your website, IVR or call center.

By integrating Payeezy, customers can pay with their VISA® or Mastercard®, so you can improve receivables, enjoy reduced payment collection periods, and easy reconciliation. And they’ll appreciate the added value and convenience this feature brings.

With Payeezy you get:

  • Convenient 24/7 customer or member access
  • Unlimited users
  • Fast fund availability
  • Exportable 90-day transaction history
  • Option to integrate with your internal accounting system
Payer Authentication

TransFund has partnered with Cardinal Commerce (formerly Cardinal Centinal) to offer a rules-based Consumer Authentication solution that’ll increase your sales, protect from fraud, and enhance customer experience.

Cardinal Commerce offers a rules-based Consumer Authentication solution that you control that will increase your sales, protect from fraud and enhance customer experience. Cardinal Commerce Consumer Authentication uses tools that provide silent and active authentication depending on the rules that you control and manage. You can choose to authenticate the type of transaction, the device used to make the transaction, and the IP address – just to name a few.

With payer authentication back in your hands, you’ll see:

  • Increased sales. With fewer checkout abandonments and false positives
  • Improved margins. Get lower interchange rates and liability shift on chargebacks
  • Better consumer experience. Transaction flow with less friction, with authentication embedded in checkout
  • More control. Choose which transactions you want to authenticate, either quietly or with customer engagement
Account Updater

By automatically maintaining the accuracy of customer data, Account Updater for Visa or Mastercard prevent disruptions due to account changes. It extends the life of automatic payment arrangements by helping secure these ongoing, revenue-generating relationships, all while reducing processing costs, maintaining service continuity, and strengthening cardholder satisfaction.

For merchants that maintain customer account information on file—like recurring and installment payment providers and certain online merchants— Account Updater makes accepting Visa and Mastercard even more attractive.

How Merchants Benefit

  • Increases authorization approvals
  • Reduces the opportunity for service cancellation
  • Simplifies and secures account-on-file transactions
  • Reduces the costs associated with contacting cardholders to obtain updated information
  • Cuts customer service expenses by preventing interruption of payment relationship
  • Reduces the opportunity for service cancellation

How Cardholders Benefit

  • Offers a seamless account-update process, eliminating the need for direct action on the part of the cardholder
  • Facilitates uninterrupted service for participating merchants
  • Reduces negative experiences caused by declines
Customizable Solutions

TransFund is your one stop shop for customized merchant solutions to help your business thrive. We can accommodate a variety of processing options that can be customized to meet the needs of your unique growing business.