Expand your business with endless possibilities when you use TransFund’s online payment solutions.

Today, more and more retailers are selling goods and services online. Our gateway solutions let you grow your online sales, improve your online presence, and enhance your customer experience.

TransFund’s online payment gateway offers an easy, safe, and secure way to process payments for any eCommerce business. We can process payments in a variety of ways– virtually, with website integration, reoccurring payments, and more– making your business as efficient as possible.

API Integration

TransFund offers an Application Program Interface, or API that can integrate payment solutions into your software, system, or website.

With an integrated API merchants can:

  • Process credit, debit, and ACH
  • Integrate on account software, cash register systems, and websites
  • Build custom shopping carts
Recurring Payments

Have a business that requires or benefits from recurring payments? TransFund has you covered.

We can process recurring payments in an efficient, convenient, and hassle-free way so you can steadily grow your business.

  • Store payment information safely and securely
  • Reduce costs with fewer declines
  • Charge weekly, monthly, or annually
Virtual Terminal

The Payeezy Virtual Terminal adds convenience by providing an intuitive web-based interface that removes the complexity of accepting card-not-present transactions.

  • Accept all major cards
  • Protect card data with the latest data protection
  • Fast and reliable funding
  • Real-time tracking for incoming orders, payments, and more