Payment solutions that make your business more profitable and secure. Convenience that keeps your customers coming back.

Today’s payment methods are always changing. TransFund offers merchants the ability to accept a variety of payment methods to help you keep pace with the ever evolving payment landscape. Your business can keep growing and running more efficiently – all while you build your customer base.


PIN Debit cards, as well as Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards, replace the cash in customers’ wallets and require a Personal Identification Number, or PIN, to make the transactions. Funds are taken directly from the cardholders’ bank account, making it easy for them to track and for you to spend less time waiting for checks to clear.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards can work wonders for marketing efforts. They can create top-of-mind awareness of your brand, give consumers a reason to return to your site or store, and is an inexpensive option to accept payment. As an alternative payment method, having money on a gift card allows you to keep your dollars in your store.


Accept the most innovative payment option that will increase sales and security. The NFC/Contactless payment option allows smartphones and similar devices to communicate with POS systems and terminals when they are within only a few inches of each other. Your customers can open their digital wallet, an app that allows digital purchase without having to present a card, on their compatible smartphone or device and simply place it near a POS card reader. The transaction is made quickly and easily.


TransFund offers more ways to protect against fraud and payment card data breaches with state-of-the-art Tokenization technology. Traditionally, when a transaction is made with the common magnetic stripe card, merchants either store or transmit sensitive card data at their location. With Tokenization, that data is never stored, but turned into random “tokens” that are undecipherable to fraudsters, making is useless. Tokenization adds multiple layers of protection, reduces risk, decreases your liability as a merchant and is easy to implement.

B2B/Level 3

Does your business accept business-to-business transactions from corporate, purchase, or government cards? If it does, your business could take advantage of by attracting more business and lowering interchange fees. Because more and more businesses are streamlining their operations, companies of all sizes are using corporate and purchase cards. Accepting this form of payment makes doing business with you easy. It also saves you money and streamlines your cash flow.

Fleet Cards

Petroleum convenience stores and fleet-servicing stores are different from regular retail business because their ability to accept Fleet Cards. By accepting Fleet cards, you welcome a market segment that could add to your sales and bottom lines.


TransFund is a member of The Special Interest Group for IIAS Standards (SIGIS) is a non-profit membership corporation that is responsible for the development and management of an industry standard to meet IRS requirements for operating an inventory information approval system (an "IIAS"). The SIGIS IIAS standards enable a broad range of participants in health benefit payment card transactions to implement consistent systems and processes for transaction processing and data retention. SIGIS provides a range of services to its membership with a focus on standards-based industry solutions to support merchant acceptance of health benefit cards. SIGIS is a resource for the changing regulatory landscape through communications, educational outreach and Member support programs.


EMV or “chip” card acceptance has become an industry best practice. EMV cards carry microprocessors that generate dynamic authentication values for each transaction rather than static information that can be stolen or used from a magnetic stripe. Accepting EMV cards means you increase security for both you and your customers, reduce chargebacks and liability due to fraud or threat, and save time and money while adding convenience for your customers.