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Our Story

Making money move for nearly 50 years

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In 1975, TransFund placed the very first ATM in a free-standing parking lot kiosk in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Soon after, TransFund Financial Centers were installed in locations throughout the City. As area financial institutions began to take note of the new technology, they expressed interest in a way to leverage the ATM locations and make them available to their customers and members. After a few years of planning and organization, TransFund, the EFT processor and network, was born as a cooperative, technology-sharing partner, offering ATMs and card issuance to banks and credit unions in Oklahoma and surrounding states.

Years later, as the financial services industry began to expand beyond checks and share drafts, a desire for greater utility around payment cards began driving the development and introduction of the TransFund Check Card. This signature debit product generated interchange income for financial institutions, while offering a convenient way for cardholders to pay. Previously, there were few opportunities for ATM card programs to drive revenue, as they were primarily seen as an expense to a bank or credit union. However, the TransFund Check Card product opened new possibilities for revenue generation to TransFund clients.

After much success connecting Oklahoma banks and credit unions to the TransFund solution, the decision was made to market throughout the United States. With this decision and investment, TransFund brought its relational customer service approach and new Check Card product to all US financial institutions, resulting in rapid growth throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

Today, TransFund has grown far beyond its flagship ATM and debit products. We are focused on serving community banks and credit unions with the same face-to-face service that has built our business for nearly 50 years. Our technology-driven product suite offers community banks and credit unions the products and services they need to compete with larger financial institutions, all with the thoughtful service that sets us apart from our competitors. Our formula of forward-thinking technology products delivered by personnel who know you and truly care has stood the test of time.

So please join us as we continue our corporate journey, serving clients nationwide, as well as in the US Virgin Islands. If you’re looking for more than just a processor, consider a partnership with TransFund. Since 1975, we’ve been Making Money Move.

Display image for TransFund Our Story webpage.