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Surcharge-Free ATM Locations

Use this locator to find the nearest surcharge-free TransFund ATM.*
*TransFund ATMs are available surcharge-free to cardholders of participating financial institutions.

Frequently asked questions


  • I requested $100.00 but the ATM only dispensed $40.00 and my receipt shows that I was charged $100.00.
  • The ATM did not dispense any money, but the receipt shows I was charged.
  • I did not take my card or cash quickly enough, and the ATM retained my card or cash.

Action: Make sure you keep all receipts and documents associated with your ATM transaction. Take all information to your bank or credit union so that research can begin on the disputed transaction.

TransFund does not have the ability to access cardholder account information. If you have a transaction related question, including ATM transactions, please contact your financial institution directly.

Ask your financial institution if they are part of the TransFund ATM Pledge Group. If they are, then you can enjoy access to TransFund ATMs with no surcharge!

ATMs at convenience store locations do not accept deposits. ATMs at financial institutions only accept deposits if noted on that particular ATM location.

Yes, you can download the free TransFund ATM Locator app from the app store on your device.