ATM Managed Services

ATM Maintenance

TransFund keeps your equipment and software systems running and up-to-date with our leading 24/7 maintenance services.

Our maintenance models are tailored to deliver maximum network visibility and availability for improved uptime and cost savings. With our highly skilled professionals in the field, 24/7 remote facilities and constantly revised tools and infrastructure, we are the industry leader in ensuring the success of your TransFund systems and solutions.

Firstline Maintenance

We service everything from ATMs and VAT drive-up systems to alarm systems and customer kiosks.

Secondline Maintenance

TransFund’s remote maintenance and support services provide remote access to devices prior to the dispatch of a service technician. Technical support can conduct a remote diagnostic session and provide detailed information when needed—reducing delays from on-site dispatch time and improving system uptime and availability performance.

ATM Currency Management

The management and analytics of physical currency remain as important as ever to organizations with ATMs and branches. TransFund excels as one of the few remaining companies capable of supporting offerings, including currency forecasting tools, currency-handling services, currency ownership/sorting and currency pattern analytics.

ATM Transaction Processing

ATM processing from TransFund is a powerful tool for building cardholder loyalty and ROI. Our solutions provide unmatched benefits and are managed by the best people in the business. We offer a wide array of ATM processing features, including:

  • Expanded delivery: Give cardholders 24/7 access to their accounts, including checking, savings, credit card, lines of credit and EBT.
  • Reliable performance: Count on availability and stability with our HP Non-Stop Tandem platform and fully redundant network.
  • Increased revenue: Increased use means more interchange income, as well as additional surcharge, fees and media-dispensing income.
  • Decreased expenses: Convenient access and round-the-clock delivery reduces branch visits and operating expenses.

Our terminal driving solutions enable ATMs to be driven in native and emulation mode. Ensure certification and support of current models and software releases for all major vendors. Other benefits include:

  • Easy Management: Tools include 24/7 system monitoring, online report delivery, online card management and an innovative data warehouse application.
  • Optimum Flexibility: Choose from cost-efficient options that fit your ATM network needs and locations, including client- or TransFund-owned networks and wireless TCP/IP. You can offer these with SSL encryption for PCI compliance on all TCP/IP solutions.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Dispense gift cards, offer PIN changes, mini-statements, full deposit automation support and more.

In addition, our authorization processing supports various scenarios, including online host authorization, offline authorization, and intercept processing.

Our surcharging options can be customized to fit your needs, including exempting your cardholders from surcharges at your ATMs. Form selective surcharging alliances or tier surcharges based on the cardholder using your ATM. Alternatively, you may wish to offer your cardholders surcharge-free ATM access through the MoneyPass Network®.

ATM Security & Compliance

Your self-service network requires a vendor you can trust, who is deeply knowledgeable in the current areas of security risk. TransFund is globally aware of the latest compliance needs, including governmental or trend-related.


Staying on top of ATM transactions and trends has a significant impact on your financial institution’s revenue and performance. It helps you spot patterns, capitalize on emerging opportunities, see and address issues before they escalate and provide superior service.

Our Connect web portal offers a robust set of search features and functionality. This helps you service cardholders or identify ATM and card trends. Real-time transaction search features help you quickly build and refine searches or locate specific transactions.

Ad Hoc reports allow you to generate customer reports on terminal and cardholder transactions. Download these reports in formats such as Excel, CSV, HTML and XML.

Utilize our data warehouse application to help understand and respond to cardholder behavior and trends with ease.

This user-friendly, online system features numerous report capabilities and equips you with vital information about your ATMs and cardholders. As a result, make informed business decisions that can positively impact revenue and performance.

Analytics allows you to make informed management decisions that affect revenue and performance, utilizing a wide array of report capabilities, including:

  • 180 days of transaction data
  • Up to 24 months of summary data
  • Numerous, easy-to-use structured queries
  • Data segmentation by user and financial institution