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Point-of-Sale Solutions

Streamline your business transactions with TransFund’s modern point of sale terminals and systems

No matter how your customers prefer to pay, TransFund Merchant Services will have you covered with our versatile list of payment processing solutions. Regardless if its tap, swipe or manually entering payments, our platform makes it simple and easy for merchants to get started with payment processing solutions that will keep your business accepting payments 24/7.
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Clover Point-of-Sale Hardware

  • Clover Go

    Use your tablet or mobile device — and an optional card reader
  • Clover Mini

    Get full-scale POS functionality in a compact package
  • Clover Flex

    Take payments tableside, curbside, or in the field
  • Clover Station Solo or Duo

    Run your business with a powerful, all-in-one POS with one screen or two

Clover Virtual Terminal

Accept credit cards and debit card payments directly on any computer, tablet or smartphone
Request customer payments by email and allow customers to pay you by credit or debit card online
Send digital receipts via email and monitor all transactions in one dashboard
Store regular customer’s card information securely for faster transactions
Protect against fraud with address verification services (AVS) and card verification value (CVV)

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