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Merchant Programs

Multiple options for support because not all businesses are the same

TransFund Merchant Services can provide Financial Institutions income generating opportunities through the following solutions:

Choose the program that's right for you

We offer several solutions to help generate income for your financial institution:

With the Diamond Program, TransFund Merchant Services handles all aspects of your merchant services program, including technical support, settlement, reporting, and removing risk to help eliminate potential losses.

Our Cash Advance Program lets you process Cash Advance transactions for cardholders and adds an additional stream of income while attracting customers to their branches.

The Loan Payment Program gives you the ability to add loan payment options to your website.

  • Our Diamond Program offers a hassle-free approach to managing your merchant services program. Simply refer your business customers to us, and we’ll handle everything else.

    • Comprehensive training on our system
    • 24/7 technical help desk support
    • End-of-month revenue settlements
    • Detailed transaction reports and settlements available on TransFund’s website
  • TransFund’s Cash Advance program provides you with the opportunity to generate income by offering cash advance services to Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cardholders. With our program, you can:

    • Earn money on each transaction.
    • Attract both customers and non-customers to your branches
    • Increase the range of services that you offer in your branches
    • Increase cross-sell opportunities to your business customers
  • Our Loan Payment Program provides you with an alternative to mailing checks by allowing for you to add a loan payment option to your website so customers can conveniently make payments online:

    • Unlimited users from your institution under one account
    • 24/7 access for you and your customers to make loan payments
    • Option to use an API to integrate with internal accounting systems
    • Exportable reports with a detailed transaction history

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