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Gateway Solutions

Scalable payment processing solutions

We offer top of the line gateway solutions that host advanced features such as fraud detection, recurring billing and reporting tools to keep your customers safe while processing online payments. These gateways can empower you to optimize revenue and improve customer satisfaction. TransFund Merchant Services gateway compatibility expands beyond our listed options. Please reach out to determine compatibility with your chosen gateway solution.
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Our current offerings

  • Clover Online

    Clover’s web-based platform allows merchants to accept payments without devices or hardware by sending a client a link via email or text. Clover Online is a contactless, interactive solution for merchants to take payments anywhere.

    • Flexible alternative to accept payments without hardware or devices.
    • Request and accept payments by utilizing links through social media.
    • Powerful API to easily integrate safe and efficient payment management options into your solutions.
  • Clover Virtual Terminal

    Clover’s web-based payment processing solution allows you to accept credit and debit card payments. With a simple interface that’s designed to process payments quickly and conveniently, Clover Virtual Terminal also offers customizable receipts and support for multiple payment types.

    • Send digital receipts via email and monitor all transactions in one dashboard.
    • Store regular customer’s card information securely for faster transactions.
    • Protect against fraud with address verification services (AVS) and card verification value (CVV).
  • NMI

    A feature-rich payment gateway that allows you to accept all major payment types, including Apple Pay and Google Pay with support for customizable payment pages, fraud detection and prevention tools, recurring billing and subscription management and real-time reporting.

    • Manage all payments processing, transactions and reports from a single account.
    • Create payment links as QR codes to gain more benefits of accepting contactless payments.
    • Process large volumes of transactions with ease through NMI’s Batch Processing feature.

    Built with a developer-friendly API, enables merchants access to a range of payment acceptance methods such as credit and debit cards, E-checks and digital wallets, while simultaneously hosting fraud protection, digital invoicing and simple checkout features to streamline customer payments.

    • Secure your customer’s data through’s PCI-compliant data center.
    • Funding directly to your merchant bank account.
    • Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) tool to bring efficiency and security to your repeat customers to avoid re-entering billing details at every transaction.

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