Maximize the return of your debit card program.

TransFund helps you understand and analyze the primary drivers of your debit card penetration, activation, usage and revenue, enabling you to make targeted marketing decisions and increasing your profitability.

With our commitment to analyzing the performance of your program, we allow you to make more informed marketing decisions backed by an in-depth understanding of your cardholders’ behavior and demographics. Through a collaborative process we facilitate, we put together a four step plan to increase cardholder loyalty and grow revenue for each of our institutions:

  • Benchmark your program to understand where the opportunities to grow are.
  • Identify new revenue opportunities and how to drive increased transaction volume.
  • Create and implement solutions that address areas of under performance identified through benchmarking.
  • Assess identified opportunities.

Working closely with each client, we identify both the strengths and opportunities for growth within each debit card program. Once identified, we determine if the proper products are in place to meet current goals; are incentive checking programs, rewards, sweepstakes, affinity programs and even cardholder education on the programs currently offered?

Success in any project requires all parties involved to be committed. The most successful card programs are the ones that regularly evaluate the metrics of their program and then have support from top to bottom in the organization to take action on solutions. At TransFund, we realize everyone wears multiple hats, deals with compliance issues and can’t dedicate the time to the card portfolio that once was allowed. That’s why TransFund providing insight, guidance and assistance during this process is such a unique and valuable benefit for your institution.