Evolve with technology and transform how your cardholders pay in-store and online with contactless payments.

By partnering with TransFund, you can offer your cardholders a safer shopping experience that addresses health concerns and provides better security against counterfeit, account misuse, and other forms of fraud. 

Contactless payments can be made with “tap-and-go” card products or as part of a consumer’s overall digital wallet. 

Contactless Cards

TransFund’s dual interface contactless cards combine the security of EMV with the speed and convenience of tap-and-go payments. With contactless cards, cardholders can swipe, insert or tap their card depending on the payment method offered by merchants. When your financial institution offers contactless cards, it gives your cardholders faster transactions and the ability to make purchases without having to touch their card to a terminal at many retailers. Each tap-and-go card, whether vertical or horizontal, is customized with a design that reflects your brand or preferred look and feel.


Our mobile payment technology is compatible with Apple Pay™, Samsung Pay™, and Google Pay™, offering your cardholders credit cards and debit cards that are eligible to be added to a digital wallet so they can make purchases both in-app and at the point of sale with their smartphone. We support tokenization of Near Field Communication (NFC) and eCommerce transactions through the On Behalf Of (OBO) tokenization functionality of both VISA® and Mastercard®.


Apple Pay

Apple Pay makes it more secure to pay with a credit card at participating brick and mortar and online merchants. Cardholders can use their smartphone to make payments on NFC compatible card machines with a swipe of a finger, without having to wake their phone or open an app.

With state of the art tokenization security, card numbers are never stored on the actual device. Instead, a Device Account Number is assigned, encrypted, and used to process the payment. Also, each payment made requires the cardholder’s fingerprint or passcode.


Google Pay is another secure NFC tokenization option for smartphones. Using an Android device, cardholders can put their cards in their digital wallet and simply wake their phone up and put their phone a few inches from an NFC compatible card machine.

Google Pay offers more layers of security, because it never sends card numbers to the merchant. Instead, it uses a virtual account number, always keeping your cardholders protected.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay allows cardholders to make secure payments using their Samsung Galaxy device. Much like Apple and Android Pay, Samsung adds multiple levels of security and tokenized encryption, protecting the cardholder’s personal information.

Samsung Pay is different from the other NFC options because it can be used almost anywhere you swipe your card. By using a special NFC frequencies and other patented Samsung technology, Samsung Pay interacts with any magnetic strip reading machine– new or old. No compatibility required.