Debit Card Fraud Protection

TransFund’s fraud protection uses a multi-layer approach to safeguard your financial institution from loss and maintain your debit card program’s profitability.

You can’t afford to leave your financial institution or cardholders open to fraud. That’s why TransFund offers a comprehensive suite of fraud protection products. From activation strategies and card-level verification checks to real-time card blocking and safer online payment options, our solutions and fraud experts provide layers of security. This allows your cardholders to use their credit and debit cards with minimal worry. All that protection adds up to increased profitability and card penetration for your financial institution.

The TransFund FraudKit is a multi-solution approach to preventing and managing debit card fraud.


SecurLOCK provides neural network monitoring and scoring of ATM, signature and PIN, card present and card not present POS transactions for debit and credit cards. Fraud analysts review transactions that trigger rule alerts, contact the cardholder to determine the course of action, and report incidents back to your institution. Using a highly advanced Artificial Intelligence platform combined with proprietary rules and logic, SecurLOCK maximizes fraud mitigation for your financial institution.

  • Sophisticated monitoring and detection using neural network technology
  • Multi-level transaction analysis
  • Suspicious transaction management
  • Real-time scoring, decisioning, and intervention with blocking capability

Our proactive response to suspicious trend data alerts you of at-risk cards and helps to keep fraud loss costs down.

Online Card Protection

Protect your card program and increase cardholder and merchant confidence by limiting the risk of fraudulent Internet purchase transactions with 3-D Secure systems. 3-D Secure is the globally deployed technology standard to enable cardholder authentication for all major networks and helps issuers and merchants distinguish good transactions from bad to mitigate fraud, while allowing transactions to continue to happen at lightning speed.

SecurLOCK Block Rule

We provide the flexibility to block individual cards, cards that share a prefix, transactions originating from a foreign country or point of sale (POS) transactions for a specific merchant or Merchant Category Code.

Fraud/Risk Reporting

Our detailed, customizable reports provide daily information on unusual cardholder activity and make it easier to identify potential fraud quickly.

After-Hours Hotline

We offer optional telephone hotline service to allow your cardholders to report lost or stolen cards after your normal business hours.

Enable TransFund Fraud Prevention Today

Our full line of fraud prevention and protection products enables you to reduce losses and your customers to make transactions with full peace of mind. To learn more about our approach to fraud prevention or any of our other debit card services, call 1(800) 588-6816 or email us today.