Mobile Fraud Protection with SecurLOCK Equip

Empower your cardholders to fight fraud from their smartphone or mobile device.

SecurLOCK Equip empowers your cardholders to be proactive in fraud detection and prevention. This app provides customizable alerts and services that are available 24/7. With SecurLOCK Equip, users can set interactive fraud protection controls to help monitor activity and prevent unauthorized use of their card. Our tools allow your cardholders to:

    Turn debit cards on and off

    Set alerts and deny transactions based on merchant, transaction type or location

    Monitor and control dependent cardholders’ usage

    Receive notifications of possible fraudulent transactions and take action

Real-time, interactive mobile fraud alerts allow your cardholders to identify unauthorized or fraudulent activity as it occurs. In addition, this prevents losses for your institution and creates stronger loyalty from cardholders who appreciate the peace of mind the alerts provide.

SecurLOCK Delivery Options:

Our flexible program allows you to choose how users access their fraud protection app and is customizable based on your bank’s information technology infrastructure.

    SecurLOCK Equip App: The TransFund multi-tenant app solution is available on both Google Play and the App Store. Because it does not require previous expertise with app development, deployment or management, this option may work best for institutions without an existing app.

    White Label App: Built off the standard framework (like SecurLOCK Equip), this app allows a financial institution to select their own app name and branding. In addition, the institution will own the app in the app stores.

    API Integration: Two API integration choices allow a financial institution to incorporate TransFund mobile functionality—including card controls and/or alerts—into an existing mobile application.

Mobile Debit Card Fraud Prevention Works

Mobile fraud alerts are one tool in the fight for card fraud protection that will help give your cardholders control over their transactions and prevent accounts from being compromised. TransFund’s SecurLOCK Equip app offers your cardholders multiple ways to detect and guard against card fraud.

Staying vigilant about protecting personal information can greatly reduce the risks associated with debit card fraud. The more options your consumers have, the better. Equip your cardholders with the tools they need and want—like mobile fraud alerts—to best protect their personal finances. To learn more about SecurLOCK Equip and mobile fraud alerts, call 1 (800) 588-6816 or email us today.