Marketing Support

Build awareness, grow brand loyalty and drive more revenue with free, professional marketing support for your debit card program.

TransFund Marketing provides guidance, solutions and graphic design to help you successfully launch your program and continue to engage and grow your cardholders year after year.

We are your full-service resource for debit card and ATM marketing support materials designed to help you make the most of your card portfolio. We offer professionally-designed, high-impact marketing and educational materials as you need them, whenever you need them. Our team provides these services at no cost, so you only have to pay for printing materials. It’s a simple, cost-effective way to promote your products and maximize interchange income.

Our 5-point marketing approach covers all aspects of your debit card program:

1. Marketing Strategy: Growth Strategies and integrated campaigns, all with a customized approach keep the momentum behind your penetration, activation and usage growth.

2. Analytics: We utilize models and tracking to derive insight about the performance and opportunities that lie within your program.

3. Partner Management: Exclusive partnership opportunities and negotiated pricing mean you can provide your cardholders with unique and desirable products at rates offered only through TransFund. 

4. Social Media: We provide custom design, along with strategy and execution support to help you leverage this channel for your debit card program.

5. Marketing Measurement: We know the importance of ongoing evaluation of your program’s products and marketing methods, so we establish metrics and create reports which allow us to devise strategy and apply insights. 

In addition, we offer rewards card programs and sweepstakes programs, handling every aspect of your campaign to drive it from conception, through execution, to post-campaign measurement and reporting.

Our complimentary services include:

  • Custom Card Design: More and more, consumers are asking for choices. To help your financial institution satisfy consumer demand while differentiating yourself from the competition, TransFund has developed a full line of card products, all with a custom design of your choice. These card products are designed to attract new accounts and grow deposits and have a proven history of success. From start to finish, experienced TransFund professionals help guide you through the process of custom designing your card and product implementation.
  • Complete marketing support including design, media plans, and more: From design of your debit card to promoting it and other services with posters, media, web graphics, we have you completely covered. We know that promoting your card programs means stronger penetration, activation and usage—good news for your bottom line.
  • Flexible and tailored promotions to fit your needs, including a full Rewards program: There’s a reason Financial Institutions that compete for debit card business often rely on loyalty programs to attract and retain cardholders. Cardholders tend to increase their debit card spend and strengthen their affinity with institutions that offer loyalty programs. Your cardholders engage in all aspects of the program through a customizable and easy-to-navigate website, which they can access via single sign-on through your Financial Institution’s website. Plus, it features an impressive array of rewards options that cardholders are sure to find appealing, including travel, gift cards, merchandise and more.  Additionally, we take a proactive approach to account management with tools designed to help you assess your program’s effectiveness, including an administrative website where you can get fast, efficient support.
  • Professionally designed custom ATM screens: For many cardholders, the ATM is the most frequently-accessed customer-facing touch point. Such frequent and direct contact gives you an unprecedented opportunity to deliver messages to the right person at the right time. Just like direct mail, in-branch displays and advertising, your ATM messaging is another avenue for extending your overall marketing campaigns. Our team will help develop a full set of welcome, wait and thank you screens to reinforce your brand and capture the attention of your cardholders.
  • Sweepstakes programs to encourage card usage and activation: TransFund provides unique turnkey marketing promotions, handling every aspect of the campaign, from segmentation to execution to post-campaign measurement and reporting. Our promotions are flexible and completely customized to fit the financial institution’s needs.
  • Detailed analytics and measurement: We allow you to make more informed marketing decisions backed by an in-depth understanding of your cardholders’ behavior and demographics. Our program lets you benchmark your program to understand where the opportunities to grow are, identify new revenue opportunities and how to drive increased transaction volume, create and implement a solution that addresses areas of underperformance identified through benchmarking, and assess identified opportunities.