We’re committed to helping your financial institution or business grow, be more efficient, and profitable.

Sometimes, you may have questions about how TransFund’s products and solutions can help you thrive. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers to help you find what you need to know– faster.

How long does it take for a merchant to get setup?
Merchants are generally setup within 5 to 7 business days after all documentation is received.

What are the fees for new merchants?
• No Fee for initial consultation, analysis, competitive bids or comparisons
• $75 Activation Fee (Non-Profit $60)
• $12 Monthly Support Fee
• No Minimum Fees  -  No Annual Fees
• Processing Fees vary dependent on the type of merchant, volume, types of cards accepted, processing method and other factors.

How quickly are credit card deposits funded?
• 24 to 48 hours after batch closing.

Where do merchants get credit card supplies?

• TransFund. Merchants receive free terminal supplies by calling 877-719-8740.

What type of merchants can TransFund support?
We do our best to qualify all merchants for the program. That includes any merchant that is perceived as "low-risk".   We would most likely not accept merchants that sell prepaid products or those that could cause reputational concern for our company or merchants that drop ship and never take legal possession of the product.

Some examples of merchants that typically don't fit the profile for our program:
• Adult Oriented Merchants
• Airlines and Air Carriers
• Bars selling limited amounts of food  
• Brokers or Brokerage Firms
• Check Cashing Businesses
• Collection Agencies
• Custom Made Items
• Drug or Sex Paraphernalia
• Escort Services
• Gambling Establishments
• Telephone Talk Lines
• Limousine Services
• Live Animals via the internet
• Massage Parlors
• Prepaid Phone Cards
• Multi-level Marketing/Pyramid Schemes
• Intangible or speculative goods or services

What electronic processing options are available?
• Solutions that are as simple as processing with your cell phone to complex internet and software.
• Mobile Processing
• POS Terminals (Swipe Machine)
• PC Software
• Internet Virtual Terminal/Gateway

What distinguishes us from our competitors?
• Dedicated Account Reps that are available to work with merchants on best practices resulting in more favorable rates & savings for businesses.
• Free TransFund Help Desk support M-F 8am to 5pm CT
• Optional 24/7 Technical Help Desk for after-hours support